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2012-05-08 02:06 pm
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FIC: "Where The Wild Things Are" 1/1 5950 WORDS

I wrote this as a pinch hit for [ profile] kizuna_exchange, just reposting it here for safekeeping. I know I owe people a billion fics and things - the combination of my intense writer's block and the soap opera that is Jin's life right now has made things tricky, haha.

Title: Where The Wild Things Are
Pairing: Jin/Kame (pre-slash)
Word count: 5950 words
Rating: PG for violence, swearing
Warnings: Angst, severe AU, some violence, dark themes.
Notes: Before starting this, I hadn’t written a word in about a year, and I haven’t written this particular kind of story in years, so the experience was simultaneously strange / comfortingly familiar / terrifying… I actually intended to write something much more slice-of-life-romance, but I sat down to write in a park, and as the sun shifted through the trees, this is what happened instead. I hope that’s ok! Thanks to the mods for all their hard work! I hope you enjoy this, [ profile] yuuki_saya!!!

Summary: When Jin is 14 years old, he runs away to the forest.

Where The Wild Things Are )
2012-04-24 01:35 am

we are kat-tun

i know i never post anymore, but i just want to keep this picture of koki gaping at the gaijin explosion in tachimi at nagano (3/27) here for posterity

hyphens forever

ps kamenashi is a golden god who was put on this earth to bring miracles and happiness to the people

nakamaru is the best dancer in the world

koki is rly hot but looks upsettingly like jin right now

ueda is still a frigid bitch but ilhim

junno is the nicest person ever

i have post-con depression
2011-04-07 09:07 pm
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k_x false starts

so i had a lot of trouble trying to decide what to do for k_x, and started a bunch of different fics. SO MUCH TROUBLE DECIDING. anyway having the unfinished fics in my folder makes me feel like i'm supposed to do something with them and because i never will, i'm going to post them here. these are obviously WIPs and it is unlikely they will ever be finished, so don't read them if you can't deal with unresolved endings.

junno is a third wheel )

akame fic based on what i gleamed of hall pass from the trailer. this turned out too angsty. may end up picking it up at some point when i want to make myself miserable. )

jin and kame are backpackers )
2011-03-31 09:50 am

(no subject)

Just a reminder that [ profile] help_japan ends today! I am offering fic to the three highest bidders here. Fic will be 2000 words minimum. Sequels / offshoots from current fic are fair game.
2011-03-31 07:41 am
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[ profile] samenashi made a beautiful movie version of Seachange!!! WATCH IT HERE! It was a really moving experience for me. Not a dry eye in sight.

(Warning: Character death, angst)
2011-03-15 09:13 pm
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I have signed up for [ profile] help_japan. My offering can be found here. I will be writing for the three highest bidders.

I really wish I could do more than this.

I'm really grateful to the universe that all my friends have turned up safe and sound, even if it took longer than anybody would have liked. Ann Curry is the man. I'm doing whatever my version of praying is in the hopes that things will calm down. And that people will get as far the hell away from those nuclear reactors as possible.
2011-03-08 09:58 am
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(no subject)

[ profile] cathexys made podfic of my Queer as Folk fic Subject to Change! I'm realy excited about this, I love audiofic. I wrote this fic so long ago that I'm pretty sure when I listen to it the contents are going to be a total surprise to me. I'm kind of angry that my phone didn't sync properly this morning. This is the big bang mini album all over again.

Subject to Change: Post 1x22, Brian moves to New York. He and Justin run into each other years later.
mp3 version
audiobook version
2011-02-26 05:55 pm
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cause i'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs

2011-02-25 09:37 pm
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2011-02-20 10:28 pm

this made me lol.

i did not even know facebook sent these out.
2011-02-14 01:34 am

i stole this from tumblr
the perfect illustration of my friendship with [ profile] samenashi
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2011-01-27 11:58 pm
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FIC: "I Believe You Liar" MASTERPOST

Title: I Believe You Liar
Pairing: Akame (minor Jin/OFC, Kame/OMC, Pi/Kame)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All events depicted herein are fictional.
Summary: Johnny forces Jin and Kame to hang out in the wake of Jin's departure from KAT-TUN. Jin has lots of feelings. Written for [ profile] jent_bigbang.
Notes: Title taken from the Washington song. When I first started writing this, 2011 seemed REALLY REALLY FAR AWAY and I was like, of course Jin will have singles and albums by then, and wrote under that presumption. Then he did not. So you're just going to have to rewrite history mentally, ok. Also, despite this being the least involved premise I've ever written it somehow ended up being almost 59,000 words... I feel like people should be prepared for Jin sitting around and talking a lot of shit, which accounts for 3/4 of the fic.

Thanks to [ profile] darlita, [ profile] samenashi, and [ profile] ayuzak for all their help ♥ and to the [ profile] jent_bigbang mods for all their work and patience.

I sing every song I've ever sung
from what we were to what we'll become...
and full of hope and electricity
Now I let you make a man of me.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
2011-01-15 06:21 pm
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FIC: "Oh My Stars" 1/1 1100 WORDS, RATED G

Title: Oh My Stars
Author: [ profile] soundczech
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I claim no affiliation with Johnny’s Entertainment. All events depicted herein are fictional. Inspired by the Talib Kweli song, Oh My Stars.
Summary: Future of Child Stars / Stargazer: Hoshi has problems.
Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] mnemonic_psych!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry this isn’t longer/better.

baby you're a star )
2011-01-13 10:13 pm


I cried a little when I saw this on tv earlier and I wanted to share it with people, I guess. My parents are both Queenslanders originally, so I have family all over the state, including cousins in Ipswich, Brisbane, and Toowoomba. I'm grateful that they are alive and well even if it seems like their lives have been totally turned upside down.

There are people who have lost literally everything and it amazes me to see the humour and generosity that still prevails, even in the midst of the devastation. Every time I see a picture of somebody saving a kangaroo from the water I cry. This is the part of my country of which I can most consistently be proud, even if I spend all my time criticising it about absolutely everything else. When everything goes to shit, we really look after each other.

Queensland will endure, because Queensland always does. This site is open for donations if anybody would like to help. I think when all this is over I'm going to go out and buy my cousin's kids a shitload of toys.
2011-01-09 08:42 pm
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taken from [ profile] acchikocchi et al

The year end writing meme. I don't usually do this kind of thing but I had a lot of feelings about my writing this year and I think I should probably document that so I can go back and look at it next time I am having some kind of meltdown and have convinced myself I can never write again.

cut for lots of self-involved discussion of my arte )