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I wrote this as a pinch hit for [ profile] kizuna_exchange, just reposting it here for safekeeping. I know I owe people a billion fics and things - the combination of my intense writer's block and the soap opera that is Jin's life right now has made things tricky, haha.

Title: Where The Wild Things Are
Pairing: Jin/Kame (pre-slash)
Word count: 5950 words
Rating: PG for violence, swearing
Warnings: Angst, severe AU, some violence, dark themes.
Notes: Before starting this, I hadn’t written a word in about a year, and I haven’t written this particular kind of story in years, so the experience was simultaneously strange / comfortingly familiar / terrifying… I actually intended to write something much more slice-of-life-romance, but I sat down to write in a park, and as the sun shifted through the trees, this is what happened instead. I hope that’s ok! Thanks to the mods for all their hard work! I hope you enjoy this, [ profile] yuuki_saya!!!

Summary: When Jin is 14 years old, he runs away to the forest.

Where The Wild Things Are )


Feb. 25th, 2011 09:37 pm

i did not even know facebook sent these out.
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Title: I Believe You Liar
Pairing: Akame (minor Jin/OFC, Kame/OMC, Pi/Kame)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All events depicted herein are fictional.
Summary: Johnny forces Jin and Kame to hang out in the wake of Jin's departure from KAT-TUN. Jin has lots of feelings. Written for [ profile] jent_bigbang.
Notes: Title taken from the Washington song. When I first started writing this, 2011 seemed REALLY REALLY FAR AWAY and I was like, of course Jin will have singles and albums by then, and wrote under that presumption. Then he did not. So you're just going to have to rewrite history mentally, ok. Also, despite this being the least involved premise I've ever written it somehow ended up being almost 59,000 words... I feel like people should be prepared for Jin sitting around and talking a lot of shit, which accounts for 3/4 of the fic.

Thanks to [ profile] darlita, [ profile] samenashi, and [ profile] ayuzak for all their help ♥ and to the [ profile] jent_bigbang mods for all their work and patience.

I sing every song I've ever sung
from what we were to what we'll become...
and full of hope and electricity
Now I let you make a man of me.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Title: Oh My Stars
Author: [ profile] soundczech
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I claim no affiliation with Johnny’s Entertainment. All events depicted herein are fictional. Inspired by the Talib Kweli song, Oh My Stars.
Summary: Future of Child Stars / Stargazer: Hoshi has problems.
Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] mnemonic_psych!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry this isn’t longer/better.

baby you're a star )
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Title: "Baby Got Back" 1/2
Author: [ profile] soundczech
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I have no association with Johnny's & Associates. No infringement intended. All events depicted herein are fairly obviously fictional.
Summary: Jin accidentally turns Kame into a lady.
WARNING: I mean that literally. There is genderswitch here. I started writing this before Jin's LA tour was even announced, so he's still in the group - consider it semi-AU. An alternate future. Wherein magic is real and Kame turns into a girl, lol.
Author's Notes: [ profile] help_haiti fic for [ profile] happiestwhen!!! I know it's six months late but it did blow well over the intended word limit... Sorry, friend. I'm also sorry because I know you had more lolsy intentions for this prompt but it... didn't turn out that way. I could probably write about 10,000 words of author notes about this fic turned out the way it did.
WARNING #2: I guess there are some things in here that might count as triggers; some violence and sexual harassment contained within. And some uncomfortable gender inequality stuff.

Props to [ profile] samenashi for the name and for helping me flesh out the plot. And for listening to me complain constantly. And [ profile] darlita for being there when I was just about ready to give up.

cause your waist is small and your curves are kickin' )


Jul. 28th, 2010 08:18 pm
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[ profile] helicoptersky wrote this totally awesome Jin quits KAT-TUN fic that somehow manages to be heartbreaking and hilarious all at once. So good T_T ilu buddy.
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Title: "Legends" 1/1
Rating: PG (for language)
Disclaimer: I claim no affiliation with JE or its idols. This is a work of fiction.
Summary: Obligatory Jin-is-leaving-fic. Jin finds Kame in the park halfway between their childhood houses.
Notes: I didn't really want or intend to write this, but it was kind of like I had to get it out before I could continue working on the fic for [ profile] help_haiti I was writing before ~the announcement~. It's cheesy and melodramatic because I am cheesy and melodramatic. This is almost purely cathartic. I almost didn't post this, but I figured there are probably people out there who long for cheesy catharsis as much as I do. Enjoy.

Legends. )
two cool busker guys
credit to [ profile] samenashi for the beautiful banner!!

Title: Behind the Music
Author: [ profile] soundczech
Word count: 17,300 words
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG
Genre/Warnings: Angst; minor Character death.
Prompt (if used): Losing my edge
Notes: This was originally posted for [ profile] spiritdream here as part of [ profile] kizuna_exchange. For those of you who’ve never heard the term, ‘busker’ is just a word for street performer. I failed to provide smut... sorry T_T.
Summary: AU; Jin is a teen busker and some scrawny kid tries to move in on his territory.

Behind the Music )
Title: "Your New Best Friend" 1/1
Author: [ profile] soundczech
Disclaimer:This is not real. No infringement intended.
Summary:Jin thinks he has been replaced.
Notes:This is a response to [ profile] samenashi 's drabble meme prompt: "rockin like its 2005: pinky rings". Needless to say it just grew and grew and it seemed kind of ridiculous to try to post it in the comments. It is kind of ridiculous generally. I am going to take a break from responding to drabble requests for now because I have to work on my [ profile] help_haiti and [ profile] kizuna_exchange fics, but I plan to go back to them!!! I am sorry Tegoshi fans, all opinions contained herein are Jin's and not mine.
Warnings: Sappiness, douchiness, homophobia, angst.

Your New Best Friend. )

keyword drabble meme!!!
leave me a keyword / series of keywords and i will write you a drabble!!!! probably!!!
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Title: The Christmas Spirit
Author: [info]soundczech
Disclaimer: I don't own any of this, not even the premise.
Summary: Sequel (sort of ) to The Dirty Three, my remix fic of [ profile] unrequitedangst's superhero fic. Our intrepid heroes celebrate Christmas. Akame, Akamepi. Rated PG.
Notes: I wrote this in less than 24 hours and I haven't written anything in more than a year, so it is pretty shaky. Un-proofread. I ran out of time, sorry guys :( Let me know if you find any horrible errors where I've like, written half a sentence and just never finished it. I'm not being falsely modest, it is genuinely probably terrible. It's the Christmas spirit that counts!!!

The Christmas Spirit; 2900 words. )

i am trying to get back in the habit of writing and not sucking, so i'm doing a ridiculously restrictive drabble prompt meme \(^O^)/

the rules are as follows:

Akame only, none of this Kokame Jinda Jinno mumbo jumbo you kids today are so fond of
Canon based divergent Alternate Reality fics will be allowed, eg, What if Jin never came back from LA, What if Kame never fought with Pi, etc.
Absolutely no PWP.
Management reserves the right to arbitrarily and irrationally change these rules at any time.
Title: Stargazer: A Sequel to Child Stars 1/1
Author: [ profile] soundczech
Disclaimer: I claim no affiliation with Johnny's Entertainment or any of the characters depicted herein.
Rating: Probably R.
Author's Notes: I am like one of those directors that ruins their original movie by turning it into a shitty franchise. I asked [ profile] samenashi what fic she wanted for her birthday. "more star babies". Happy Birthday Sam.
Summary: Jin gets clucky.

Jin has his eyes on the stars. )
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Title: Happy Days
Author: [ profile] soundczech
Disclaimer: I claim no affiliation to KAT-TUN, Johnny's Entertainment, or the characters or people depicted herein.
Summary: Jin's been thinking about Kame for years.
A/N: Okay, the thing you need to understand about this is that I wasn't feeling up to writing anything with an actual plot but I promised [ profile] samenashi I'd finish something by the end of this week, so what you all receive is totally pointless schmaltz. So be forewarned that this is probably the cheesiest thing I've ever written. Even cheesier than that fic where Kame had a star baby.

goodbye grey sky, hello blue. nothing can hold me when i hold you. )
child exploitation

[ profile] mcpofife has been asking me fifty billion questions about KAT-TUN and I keep promising to make a post covering some of their history. I have made one of these posts before, for [ profile] giantessmess, but she was only vaguely interested and had no broadband. So this post will be fifty times more insane. Also it is mostly written from memory and I have a terrible memory, so anyone that bothers to read this please feel free to correct me.

kat-tun: an abridged history )
21,000 words
Disclaimer: This story is very much a work of fiction. I claim no affiliation with Johnny's Entertainment and intend no infringement.
Summary: Kame visits Jin in a little Australian town by the sea; Akame, Jin/OFC, Future fic.
Warnings: ANGST. I hate being spoiled in detail for fics but some people like to know what they're getting into, so you can find a more specific list here.

Thank you to [ profile] samenashi, without whose constant abuse I would not write a word; [ profile] font, for trying to make me the best I can be; and [ profile] darlita, whose passion and faith in Akame inspires me.

Also, [ profile] samenashi and I joked about making a pretentious soundtrack for this fic. As with all our jokes this became a very elaborate project. I present: Seachange: An Original Soundtrack.

Jin hears from Kame twice a year. )



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