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In honour of the most precious one's birthday I am holding an Akame/KAT-TUN Genfic drabble meme. Please request away.
It is 36 degrees outside and I have a horrible headache. Earlier I went shopping with my parents for a wedding gift for an old family friend. It freaks me out that she's getting married because in my head she's like 16. We bought her a cookbook. My mother keeps fretting over its suitability, but we weren't even invited to the wedding, so who cares. She lives in Canberra. I kept suggesting all these beautiful plates and bowls and then realising that they were Wedgewood or Waterford Crystal and cost like four hundred dollars. I think the only thing about getting married that is attractive to me is the idea of people buying me a lot of stuff for my house. I'd want to keep the toaster oven and blender and cutlery and ditch the husband. Sry, future spouse. I was looking at these beautiful striped Noritake dining settings. God I wish I was rich.

Myer was having a book sale where if you bought two or more adult fiction books you got forty percent off the total, so I finally got to buy Carry Me Down by Maria Hyland. I read her first book when it came out a few years ago and really liked it. She taught Creative Writing at my uni but I never had her; I had friends who did and were kind of blankface when I asked if she was nice, so maybe it's a blessing. I've been wanting to buy Carry Me Down for ages but I have this thing where if a book is more than $25 I feel really cheated having to pay for it, so I kept waiting for a good sale. After I chose it though we had to spend an hour looking for another book we weren't opposed to purchasing; Myer's mediocre selection even more mediocre post stocktake sale. We ended up getting The Messenger by Markus Zusak and my dad got some book which is a fictionalisation of Tesla's journal, or somebody finding Tesla's journal, or something. He was really impressed that I know who Tesla is, even though I only know because of Mythbusters.

For Christmas my mother bought me Ginger and Lemongrass tea from T2 and I made it into Iced Tea with some lemon juice, SERIOUSLY THE BEST ICED TEA I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. So good. I keep thinking Anna would like it and I should take some to her but she's gone back to Singapore so I can't. I need to find someone else who will appreciate my tea. When Anna first moved here she was constantly giving me ginger tea for everything that was ever wrong with me. So the other day when my brother was here, ill with flu I did the same to him. When we were younger he had a physical addiction to cheeseburgers (his words. He was drunk when he told me this but he was dead serious) but now in the past year he's had this weird transformation into vegetarian obsessed with remaining organic and not taking too many chemicals into his body. He doesn't really eat dairy anymore and questioned me for like ten minutes before he'd take the sinus tablets I offered him. He must have been desperate to take them. He still won't stop drinking beer, though. I think the inner balance he is looking for would magically happen if he would.

I'm bored, so:

As usual, I might get bored and not complete these. I always do it on a whim and then run out of steam and I'm not that good with like, responsibility.

I'm only opening to Prince of Tennis, Loveless, Nana and Veronica Mars drabbles. Or original, I guess, with prompt words. And maybe Tenimyu RPS, but I can't guarantee I'll be able to write all actors. I will do my best :( Request away.



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