Oct. 30th, 2006 11:40 pm
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I woke up feeling really anxious this morning. I finished my thesis yesterday. It was due a couple days ago but my supervisor said not to worry about it. I had planned to hand it in Friday anyway but then my laptop went mental and I spent all of Thursday night extracting my files from my traumatised hard drive. I got them and got the laptop working but now all the drivers are missing and it doesn't realise it is a widescreen. It sits there with its 1024x768 face. It thinks it has no speakers. It's like my computer got hit by a car and got amnesia and woke up thinking it was somebody else. So yeah, I'm on my desktop. The desktop that restarts if you so much as touch it while it is running. My technological problem children.

So anyway, I finished my thesis yesterday but didn't get to the office in time to get it bound and hand it in. So now I'm resisting the impulse to revise it completely because that panic about it sucking has set in. It's funny, I haven't panicked that much before now. It's like all the anxiety I was holding off has broken through my fortress. It's a lot of anxiety. Blankface.

When I was printing my thesis yesterday my printer wouldn't work. I'd been riding on the cusp of rage for a couple of hours because I hadn't slept in a couple of days. Melissa got to see the angry me that doesn't pop up very often. I just kept spewing motherfucker motherfucker. Sorry, friend.

I downloaded the PoT movie. It sits in my video folder taunting me. Before I tested it to see if the subs were working and saw Echizen's sullen face. I'm so excited. I'd like to say I'm resisting watching it because I promised I'd watch it with my friends, but really it's that I want to watch it on my tv but need a laptop to do that. So I'm using my friends for their computer systems. We should watch it this weekend.

Anna, you should skip over this section.

When I got home last night I watched the new ep of Tatta Hitotsu No Koi. There's nothing that can soothe my rage quite so easily as Japanese tv. Koki and Kame being in it together makes me so happy. Plus Kame is super hot in it and doesn't know how to use a cell phone. And is an adorable big brother. I love the way the male lead in Japanese tv always has a really cute younger sibling that they dote on. It's this total formula to make girls retarded and I know that, yet I still get all stupid and mooshy every time. They do it with Kame even more than other guys, probably because he's so good at it.

The other day he did this interview where he did a lot of impressions while looking embarrassed and ashamed of himself. They made him do this stupid impression of a dying cockroach that he did for his co-star and afterward he just sat there with closed eyes like he was trying to go to a happy place. He said in the interview that he only gets to sleep for an hour a day. I don't know why I'm relating this, anyone who is interested knows about it already. Later, he did an impression of his dog and Donald Duck. I wish the interview was subbed. It's like the most hilarious thing I've ever seen, at least in part because his obvious exhaustion makes his life so hard face even funnier.

I think I'm done, Anna, you can come back now.

This is just seriously weird. He always seemed like such a nice boy...

I read yesterday that the national government is setting aside 90 million dollars to subsidise public and private schools who want to hire chaplains. Because they want to promote 'values'. I didn't even know it was legal to have chaplains in Australian schools. It's a pretty annoying proposal because it's not like public schools here are flush with cash. There are a lot of better things they could be doing with that money. It's so obviously part of some political strategy. You have to put it in the context that the Australian public aren't a particularly intensely religious people in the way that parts of the US are, etc. There'd be no strong push for this from the public, nor would there be any particular resistance if the money was offered for welfare programs in general, including but not limited to chaplains. So I have to wonder who they're trying to please here. The Education unions aren't particularly impressed.

I wouldn't have gone to a chaplain at sixteen if I had a problem. The last thing I would have wanted was to be preached at ; I'm not saying that's what a chaplain would do, but you don't really have any way to know that they won't when you're sixteen and won't even go in for an initial visit. Though I guess I wouldn't really have gone to anyone.

I can't tell if the government has actually become more conservative or if I'm just noticing it more. They were always conservative, but in that half-hearted Australian way where you don't really bother changing anything. Now they seem more like Americans. Going out and fighting the good fight.

I should go hand my thesis in. Imagine the corners of my lips pulling down into a D and my eyebrows rising with horror. That's my face when I think about it. I have to go to the library and study for other essays too. Life is so completely disgusting.



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