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I'm supposed to be writing this essay that is due tomorrow. It has to be 4000 words. I have written 1200 and not researched enough. And can't pay attention. After it is finished I have to write another that is due Monday, but is Melissa's birthday Sunday so I have to finish it by Saturday. At some point I have to clean disgusting house too as mother coming home from Taiwan. Why, then, am I watching angsty akame vids and not doing homework?

I made pasta for dinner and put too much garlic in it and now I have a garlic headache. I know that sounds dumb but whenever I eat too much garlic I get a headache. Perhaps I am allergic. Perhaps I should not put two cloves of garlic in something that is only intended to serve one.

My recent LJ entries should serve to show everybody why I do not usually post too often. Nothing happens in my life. At the moment I've been really angsty. Post thesis depression and the strain of having to do these other essays. Which should really be easy essays, if I could just make myself focus.

I love songvids. I really do. That second one is probably one of my favourite songvids of all time, I watch it whenever I'm annoyed and it makes me briefly not annoyed. NINJA NINJA.

I've been thinking about writing a lot lately. Last year I started this novel for a class that I'd really kind of like to finish. I wonder how much of my desire to write is just the fact that I don't want to write academic shit though. I'm worried I'll lose the urge the second uni is over.

I've been getting retardedly angry over little things this week. I feel crotchety and uncomfortable like a grumpy old man. When I say 'little things', I mean things that aren't even things. Today I fumed for like fifteen minutes because some of the tables were different at QV, but not all of them. And I couldn't figure out why. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS???? I thought to myself. The other thing that drew my ire was FIFTEEN FUCKING GIRLS IN FUCKING DRESSES AND HATS BUYING TICKETS AT THE MACHINE AT MY STATION THIS MORNING, ON THEIR WAY TO OAKS. I HAD TO STAND IN LINE BEHIND THEM WAITING TO USE THE MACHINE. THEY KEPT COMPLAINING ABOUT BEING COLD, I WAS LIKE, NO SHIT, WEARING A BOOB TUBE DRESS WHEN IT IS STILL PRACTICALLY WINTER OUTSIDE.

This should show you how calm and balanced I have been lately.

I uploaded an amazing song for everybody. KAT-TUN - ONE ON ONE. jpop warning. and asian rap warning, lol. This song makes me so retardedly happy. I'm so impressed by beatboxers because I don't understand how they do it. Especially Nakamaru. It's this mysterious skill he has and I don't get how he came by it. HOW DID HE LEARN SUCH A MARVEL.

Whenever I watch jpop clips I think about grumpy old Marxist academics like Theodor Adorno and think about how much it would distress them. I think that makes me love it more.

My house is literally disgusting right now. I said to Melissa a couple weeks ago that if I had kids, right now they'd be taken away from me. She thought I was joking, but I wasn't. It's gotten so much worse since then too. The other day I found clothing I literally forgot I owned because I unearthed it from behind my hamper.

I just watched this for the first time in a while. I love Mike. Why would anyone make him angsty. T_T. He still looks like Kate Moennig.

At the rate I'm working, I will clearly be up all night doing homework. YAYFACE.

Does anybody have any tv or movie recs for when I finally finish uni? I literally plan not to leave the house except for brief relocations to friend's houses where I will continue sitting on my ass watching tv.

This is the whiniest post ever, it's killing me. I can't wait until uni is over and I go back to being sane again. Apparently the people around me have also been getting progressively more insane and I haven't even noticed because I NEVER SEE ANYBODY.



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