FIC: "Be Like Buchou" 1/1
(2250 words, Tezuka/Ryoma, PG)

Notes: Response to [ profile] annafreud's drabble prompt, TezuRyo; bodyswitch. Kind of thrown together and dumb. It's an awesome prompt but I'm not really the kind of writer that can do it justice :( Plots D:. I wish [ profile] kish_t_rethya or someone would write this and make it truly awesome. Bodyswitching is so horrifyingly hard to write. I'm all awkward with the names and stuff.

Be Like Buchou. )
Title: "To Declare My Love" 1/1
Rating: G, PG at most.
Pairing: Tezuka/Ryoma, Momo/Ryoma friendship.
Disclaimer: Konomi owns all, no infringement intended.
Timeline: Ryoma's first year of high school.
Summary: Ryoma doesn't want his chocolate.

to declare my love )
This was supposed to be Fuji fic for mk, but it turned out being more Ryoma fic, with FujiRyo/TezuRyo, implied Fujicest. Companion to the Fujicest I posted and Playing Grown Ups. Anna, I think you can read. Weird and maudlin in places. Some crappy metaphors. Tomorrow I may wish I never wrote this.

In Photographs. 1340 words. Angst Warning. )
Title: Playing Grown Ups
Pairings: Tezuka/Ryoma, some Fuji/Ryoma.
Rating: Soft R.
Word Count: 15,770. Split into two posts for length.
Summary: Tezuka assumes he has been forgotten.
Timeline: Future-fic; spoilers for entire Anime series.
Disclaimer: All belongs to Konomi. No infringement intended.

Thanks to [ profile] bookshop, [ profile] thewhiteprophet, and [ profile] annafreud for everything.

Playing Grown Ups )
So I've been obsessively watching this anime about tennis while I was supposed to be doing my homework :| Gay pubescent tennis players :| I blame fucking [ profile] bookshop.

Here is a ficlet. Characters do not belong to me, but to Konami. TezuRyo pre-slash and pubescent confusion.

ETA: Thankyou to [ profile] lower for translating this into Chinese. Find it here. *_*

'The Freudian Sense' 1/1 )



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