This morning I watched a couple episodes of akihabara@deep. I enjoyed it in that retarded way I enjoyed Gokusen 1, only this is less sappy. Ikuta Toma is in it as a germphobic nerd who is chronically afraid of women. He kills me. He vaguely reminds me of Shirota Yuu and I don't really know why. I always expect Toma to be quiet and soft spoken and shy but he never is. I think it's because the few clips of him I've really seen are from when he was young and blushy with Yamapi. So anyway, he's not quiet and soft spoken. He's fucking hilarious. The guy in the weird clothes just became part of the team. He's into cosplay. He makes me laugh uproariously. It'd be embarrassing, were anyone around to hear it.

I bought this book for my cousin's kid for Christmas without reading it. It's called Queenie: One Elephant's Story. I get it home and it turns out it's about an elephant that came to Melbourne Zoo in 1945 and ended up being killed after she crushed a keeper to death. True story. So I have to take the book back and replace it with a happy book about bears or something.

[ profile] beardo sent me an email full of youtube links. I keep going to look at them and then staring at how many there are and giving up before I've even begun. I have no stamina for watching things on my desktop. I've had this paused in a tab at 16 seconds for literally like three days.

I'm bored. Ask me a question, any question.
Ask me a question and I'll reply in drabble form. Until I get bored.



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