I can never think of an unawkward, casual way to begin LJ entries. I guess this is not surprising as I can never think of an unawkward, casual way to begin conversations in RL, either. I am not smooth. It's getting worse the longer I am away from uni, too. I've forgotten how to function as a social entity.

Sam came back from Bendigo for a couple of days so we could go to Phantom of the Opera. We went on Thursday. SO EXCITING OH MY GOD. The Phantom was incredible, he had the most beautiful voice. The next day Sam and I were walking around talking about how we want him to follow us around every day narrating our lives. We were walking down the ramp at the train station singing about buying tickets in low voices. Now my life seems empty without it. THE PHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTOM OF THE OPERA IS HERE........... WHILE YOU BUY YOUR TICKET...

Then yesterday we saw Hairspray so the visit so far has been a musical spectacular. I already want to watch Hairspray again. I'm so glad that musical movies are back in fashion, I love them. When I was a little kid I watched Showboat like a hundred times. I was obsessed with that song... Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, I gotta love one man 'til I die. Can't help lovin' that man of mine... Now Sam and I keep talking about finding musicals to see, us doing a tour of amateur high school productions.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, ALL THE AUSTRALIANS ALREADY KNOW, BUT EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH. Sam keeps bursting into bits of song from the show at inappropriate, public times. "She's a slut and she knows it~ Wants to root all the boys!!!" It restores my faith in the Australian television industry. Well, not really but :( It restores my faith that brilliance can come from such adversity.

Today we are seeing Superbad. We have to meet Melissa in a little under two hours, so I should probably like. Shower. Or something.



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