so i had a lot of trouble trying to decide what to do for k_x, and started a bunch of different fics. SO MUCH TROUBLE DECIDING. anyway having the unfinished fics in my folder makes me feel like i'm supposed to do something with them and because i never will, i'm going to post them here. these are obviously WIPs and it is unlikely they will ever be finished, so don't read them if you can't deal with unresolved endings.

junno is a third wheel )

akame fic based on what i gleamed of hall pass from the trailer. this turned out too angsty. may end up picking it up at some point when i want to make myself miserable. )

jin and kame are backpackers )
two cool busker guys
credit to [ profile] samenashi for the beautiful banner!!

Title: Behind the Music
Author: [ profile] soundczech
Word count: 17,300 words
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG
Genre/Warnings: Angst; minor Character death.
Prompt (if used): Losing my edge
Notes: This was originally posted for [ profile] spiritdream here as part of [ profile] kizuna_exchange. For those of you who’ve never heard the term, ‘busker’ is just a word for street performer. I failed to provide smut... sorry T_T.
Summary: AU; Jin is a teen busker and some scrawny kid tries to move in on his territory.

Behind the Music )
Part Two )



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