We're looking after my mother's friend's dogs for the weekend while her daughter throws a 21st birthday party. One is a German Shepherd, the other is a Maltese x Bijon Frise. This is slightly creepy as we had a German Shepherd and a Maltese until they passed away a couple of years ago. Mum said our neighbour drove past while she was walking them and gave her a really strange look. "It's like I've had them genetically reconstituted," Mum said, looking pained. The German Shepherd's name is Humphrey, he's massive. I keep wondering if Cosmo was that big and I've just forgotten. He looks like a freaking werewolf slash mammoth. He's long haired, she was short haired, maybe that's it. She was a big dog, even for a German Shepherd. We got Cosmo while my dad was working in Sri Lanka, when he came home he kept talking about how big she was and how much space she took up. I finally understand what he meant. The apartment feels like a quarter of the size with Humphrey in it. He's so friendly though xx. I'll have to take photos later. The Maltese is called Lilly, she's a lot bigger than Emma was too. And like, more ladylike, lol. Lilly is a proper white fluffy dog. Emma always looked more beige and dirty like she'd been digging up carrots in the backyard. Usually she had. They're both epileptic. I was like, "How did she end up with two epileptic dogs???" Mum thinks it's from living with her friend.

As one would imagine my cats are less than impressed. )

hello, kitten. )

I caved and got the kittens. )



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